Written by: Bridget Cato I’ve been working at FitzMark for about four weeks now, and I have learned way more about logistics and the industry than I ever expected to know. Yes, I knew trucks and trains were involved, and I knew companies had to find ways of getting products on their shelves somehow, but […] Read More »
Hello world! My name is David Challoner and I’m an intern at FitzMark this summer specializing in Quality. Before I dip into the culture I’ve observed here let me tell you a little more about myself. In December, I will graduate from Purdue University with a degree in industrial engineering and a minor in management. […] Read More »
The Intern Chronicles are back! Our 2017 interns are wrapping up their third week in office, and to kick off the next series of the Intern Chronicles, we had them sum up their favorite memory so far and tell us what they hope to achieve by the end of the summer! WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE […] Read More »
Written by: Nick Leblang The core value which I pursue day in and day out is to have a strong sense of direction, a purpose.  Having a strong sense of direction is one of the most difficult but important values I believe anyone can have.  Once you have a sense of direction and a purpose, […] Read More »
Written by: Karrington Thompson I can’t say that I fall in line with just one of our core values. Being competitive and being efficient go hand in hand with each other. Efficiency is a substantial part of gaining a competitive edge over our competitors. So, to me, in order to compete and consistently win, you have […] Read More »