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Hi everybody!!!!  Hi Doctor Nick! (The Simpsons!)

I wanted to tell you all about a few sales calls that I went on for the greatest trucking company in all the land... no wait, the greatest COMPANY in all the land!! :)  So, myself and Scott went out to Denver on Wednesday to meet with our awesome customer who is closing down their operations in that city.  We wanted say goodbye to our friends that we have worked with so closely for so long... David, Melissa, Eller, Fay, Rick, and Chris.  We will really miss working with you guys...  While out there on Wednesday, we got a lot of work done out there and also had a good time at lunch and then at Bar Louie later that evening... Mmmm, beeeer.  (Simpsons again!)

The next morning, we arose at 4:30am (not fun at all) and headed to the airport to meet Krystal in Kansas City to visit 3 customers there.  We had two visits with current customers and then met with a new potential client who is pretty much the BIGGEST company in all the land!!!  We had a great meeting, during which we demonstrated how we can help their company become more efficient and also save them $$.  Next, we took a tour of their amazing facility, and then it was off to the best BBQ place... in all the land!!!! Is that getting old yet?  Anyway, we ate at Arthur Bryant's which is world famous and known for the many famous politicians, actors, and other celebrities that frequent the restaurant, including Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Danny Glover, and Steven Spielberg.  Being a vegetarian, I'm not qualified to comment on the food so much, but I will say that their sauces were... the best in all the land!!!!   

Here are a couple pics of Scott & Krystal stuffin there faces... very cute.


Hello!  It's a wonderful day for trucking!!! (Despite the title of today's blog)

I'm going to give a little insight into the roller coaster ride that we experienced with our straight truck last week in Ohio...  The load started out very well as myself and Justin went to pickup the load from our customer in Peru, IN and had a nice visit with Angie.  (Shout out to Angie!)  Here is a picture of Justin (right) helping load the truck.

Then, I headed a little south of Cincinnati to pick up a few skids that were also headed to the Rochester area.  Along the way, the fuel hose unfortunately sprung a leak, which we were able to get fixed rather quickly, and the truck continued on its way.  Then, another problem.  The second pickup turned out to be heavier than we were told, so we had to drop those skids back off at the shipper.  Okay, finally ready to roll north, right?  Wrong!! Yet another issue! The lights on our truck began lighting up sporadically, so the truck had to be towed to a shop in Wilmington, OH.  After 4 hours of work on the truck, we were told that it wouldn't be ready until morning, so... yours truly got to spend the night at the lovely Wilmington Inn.  Who knew Wilmington was (at one time) one of the best small towns in the country!?! None of the residents of the town seemed to know that :)

Then, the next morning, after another hour of work on the truck, the repair shop called and said they gave up and would have to tow it to a different shop in Cincinnati... So... I got to ride in an antique pickup truck! This is not even close to the end of the story, so I will continue soon...

Mar 03, 2010

The Trucking Duck

Here is a touching but weird trucking story for your enjoyment...
Check out the video at the link below.  It is awesome.  The team truck drivers - half man, half duck.  WTD?!?!  (that means "what the duck?!?!")  Enjoy!!

Did you watch it?  Wasn't it precious?  In a peculiar way?
My favorite quotes are:
   - "Grrr, it's a hand unload.  I know Frank, some of these people, ya wonder..."
   - "Maybe if more people had a duck in their life, maybe we wouldn't be all so mad at each other."

Haha!!!  That's a priceless quote...  especially when they are the words of a duck hunter!  Hopefully Frank the duck will "influence" Joe to stop hunting his family and friends!  Grrr, some of these people, ya wonder :)  Frank does seem like quite the driving partner though and I'm sure he helps make Joe's time on the road a lot more interesting and fun.  So... you think Frank is potty trained?  I'm going to see if we can get an office duck.