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We are sorry you had a cargo claim issue on a shipment brokered by FitzMark.


While a broker’s responsibility is limited to the arrangement of carrier transport, we realize that filing a cargo claim is a task few people have ever experienced.  If you’d like guidance on claim procedures, we will assist with filing the claim and provide any clarification we can during this process.  We serve only as a navigation tool, so all discussions and decisions pertaining to claim resolution will be strictly owned by you, the claimant.  You are not required to utilize our service, as freight owners have the right to directly pursue the carrier on record.


Please be advised that collection is not guaranteed. FitzMark reserves the right to return the claim file at any time if our efforts toward claim resolution are exhausted.


If you would like cargo claim assistance, please submit the form below to start the claim process. If you prefer to email documents, please send the required documents listed below to Submissions can expect a response within 5 business days.


Require Documents:

  • FitzMark Claim Form – pay special attention to sections 2 – 6
  • A copy of the original purchase invoice – to support the entire shipment value
  • A copy of the signed delivery receipt – with the shortage or damage noted
  • A copy of the Bill of Lading – signed by the carrier at pickup
  • Pictures of the damaged freight and packaging.

Additional Requirement:

  • A detailed repair invoice – this must reflect material, labor, & any other repair costs. Freight owners have an obligation to mitigate the cost of repairs.

Other Important Notes:

  • Cargo Claims are governed by federal statutes that exists primarily under the codes below
    • 49 USC PART 14706 (United States Code)
    • 49 CFR PART 370 (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • Cargo claims must be filed within 9 months of delivery date
  • Carriers should issue a decision to either accept or decline the claim within 120 days of filing date
  • All damaged product & packaging should be held until the carrier accepts or waives the inspection rights
  • Repairs should not occur until the product has cleared carrier inspection

FitzMark, Inc. operates solely as a broker and shall not be held liable for any cargo claims or injuries to persons or property related to the movement of freight.  All freight charges associated with the claim must be paid within 30 days of the ship date to avoid delays in claim resolution.

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