We've Got Custom Built Tech.


FitzMark’s technology plays a central role in delivering efficient supply chain solutions to our customers.  From our proprietary Warehouse Management System software that keeps several hundred thousands of square feet of inventory organized to the web dashboards on which our customers can view and track their shipments with us, FitzMark’s technology isn’t just keeping up with the times, it’s driving the company forward.




With EDI technology, you can tender your shipments to FitzMark directly from your ERP or inventory management system.  This reduces paper waste, reduces human errors, and increases efficiency.  With our dedicated data engineers, FitzMark’s EDI customers can feel confident knowing that our team and technology is working for them.  FitzMark supports the following EDI data types:

  • 204: Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • 990: Carrier Response to Load Tender
  • 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Update
  • 210: Freight Bill Invoicing
  • 997: Functional Acknowledgement

Out of the box, we support the full ANSI ASC X.12 Standard Version 4010, and have our own simplified standard that you can use as well.  We have a required worksheet that for your EDI team to fill out to make onboarding as smooth as possible for both teams.


Interested in EDI?



Once you tender a shipment with FitzMark, it is entered into our transportation management system that we develop at headquarters.  The decision to write the FitzMark Dispatch software stemmed from a specific idea of what we wanted it to do, and how it should work.  Using suggestions from our employees and our customers, we’ve developed a TMS that is exactly the solution we want—one includes every feature that we want and no bloat that we don’t.  After the order is entered, an experienced carrier rep uses the tailor-made tools to match either our assets or one of our 1,300 dedicated carrier partners with your freight.  The carrier rep then uses the system to track from pickup to final delivery with precision.  This custom-built solution gives us a competitive advantage in managing your freight.



Our public API allows you to tender shipments, request tracking updates, request inventory updates, receive invoices, and more.  We use web services to interface with other companies’ applications and services—some of our partner carriers, Carrier411 to monitor our carriers, and PC*Miler for truck mileage.



We use our technology to improve the workflows of our employees, customers, and our vendors.  We provide web dashboards for every customer and carrier that wants to have access.  Customers can use this portal to track shipments, check on outstanding invoices and view available credit, and view historical data to make better supply chain decisions.  Our carrier partners can use their portal to upload documents, provide tracking updates, and view payment status for invoices.



Some of our customers have their own LTL tariffs, but some do not.  We make all of our negotiated pricing with multiple LTL carriers available for you in one central location.  You can even upload your own tariff and use whichever is best for your particular need that day.  Working as a complete solution, the LTL rating engine enables you as our customer to manage everything online—never needing to deal directly with another person.



With over 275,000 square feet of warehouse space, we need a robust, sophisticated solution to manage our customers’ entire inventory.  We develop our own in-house Warehouse Management System in order to most efficiently take care of your products.  As our customer, you’ll have access to all of your inventory and full transparency of all transactions through our WMS WebPortal.


If you have any questions about FitzMark Technology or want to see if we can customize a solution for you, please contact us at FitzMarkTechnology@FitzMark.com